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Inauguration Photos
by Jo Freeman

Part IV - Around the Edges of the Inauguration

The Mall was packed with people who came to see the inauguration on giant jumbotrons erected at intervals. Unless one got there early, you couldn’t even get a good viewing spot from which to see the screens. Thousands were caught in an underground tunnel who thought they had found a short-cut. Instead of plunging into the crowd, I walked around the edges. This is what I saw.

closed streets

The National Guard closed streets a mile from the White House.


About four thousand police were brought in from outside DC...

more police supplement another four thousand DC police.


Rules were many for those hoping to get through the security screening to see the parade...

long lines

...and lines were long.


A few public entrances were still admitting people even after the parade began...

no admittance

...most were closed.


Vendors were numerous...

no permits

...with and without required permits.

Pages: Intro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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