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Inauguration Photos by Jo Freeman

III - The view from Lafayette Park

Park in front of White House

The Park in front of the White House was
completely surrounded by 10 foot security fences

AFL-CIO welcome

Organized Labor put out the welcome mat (even if it was a banner)

Connie Picciotto

Connie Picciotto who has camped on the sidewalk across from the White House since 1981, was moved around — plastic hut, anti-war signs and all — during the days that Lafayette Park was being transformed into a security zone. On inauguration day she was simply told to get out of sight, which she did.

There were a few openings

Pennsylvaia Ave reviewing stand

One was for notables who had tickets for the
reviewing stand on Pennsylvania Ave.

Media entry

Media had their own entrance, but only with a
credential for the press section of the reviewing stand.

Another was for anyone who wanted to
enter the public zone in the NE corner of the park.

Inside the public zone the view was obscured by the security fence.

Public zone

Pennsylvania Ave plaza as seen from the public zone of the park.

parade on Pennsylvania Ave

Through the breaks in the fence one could see the parade on Pennsylvania Ave.
as it passed from the trailors to the statue

H Street

H Steet. as seen from inside the security fence.

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