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The 1984 Republican Convention

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The Convention

Volunteers paint signs to be displayed at appropriate moments

Volunteers paint signs to be displayed at appropriate moments.

signs are bunched togeather and leaned up against auditorium seating

Signs wait to be called into action.

a crowd with a high density of political signs

a chaotic cheering crowd another chaotic cheering crowd
Delegates loved to get up and cheer.
an american flag waves across the foreground and the Republican podium in in the background as balloons and confetti drop from the rafters

Especially for their ticket.

a man wears a prosthetic elephant trunk and elephant ears and a hat reading Pachyderm Clubs

They also liked to dress up.

Reagen's extended family gives a standing ovation

Reagan's family applauds his speech.

a white and black man converse in an aisle

Newt Gingrich and Alan Keys confer.

Jerry Falwell at a roundtable

Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority said he found
"no fault" in the Republican Party's platform.

The senator speaking into several microphones from behind a desk

Connecticut Senator Lowell Weicker speaks to a Platform subcommittee.

Read about the 1984 Democratic Convention and a feminist analysis of both 1984 conventions.

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