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The 1984 Republican Convention

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The Protests

There were many protests during convention week, beginning on Saturday. The views were many but scuffles with the police were minor. There were roughly a hundred arrests, almost all of yippies who spray-painted slogans on buildings and merchandise during a two-hour spree on Wednesday.

a large diverse audience gathered under a huge red white and blue tent

ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform) held its own national convention within sight of downtown Dallas the weekend before the official Republican Convention.

many tents on an open field in the foreground with the allas skyline in the background

It organized a tent city on a treeless river bottom only a mile from where the Republicans met.

a vew through tent kiosks one has a sign reading Reagan Ranch

After losing in court, the City of Dallas provided road access, phones. showers and toilets to the campers. ACORN named the tent city Reagan Ranch.

a huge sign hanging from a bridge reading ACORN alliance for justice with a drawing of Reagan with a red slash through it and a rainbow in the shape of the USA

No one was there to celebrate Ronald Reagan.

a large sign on a tent reads American Indian Center.

There was much more diversity in Reagan Ranch than in Reagan's convention.

a group of young men and one woman stand for a photo, all wearing white shirts and red berets

The Guardian Angels helped provide security for the camps.

a large group of protestors carry one wide banner reading Women for Justice and the same message in Spanish.

About 1,500 people representing a variety of causes marched on Saturday.

a group of young men carry colorful banners supporting gay rights, one reads pagan gay and loud

After the Log Cabin Republicans met outside Dallas, less inhibited gays marched inside the city.

protestors stand at the JFK memorial.

The march ended at the Kennedy memorial....

a group of young men carry colorful banners supporting gay rights, one reads pagan gay and loud

.. and the speeches began.

Dr. Benjamin Spock speaks with reporters

Among the many participants were famed pediatrician and anti-war activist Dr. Benjamin Spock

two people dressed as flamboyent nuns smile for the camera

Sister Boom Boom and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence came from San Francisco to prance in their costumes in Dallas' 100 degree heat.

tame protestors which appear to support Reagan on the whole but protest aspects of his platform

A chain-link fence around the convention complex kept protesters and others without credentials at bay. The approved demonstration site was out of sight of most delegates.

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