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Many Marches, Many Protests

Photos by Jo Freeman

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Anti-war Protests in Union Square

Union Square   Union Square
978 pairs of boots represent US soldiers killed in Iraq   A thousand pairs of shoes represent thousands of Iraqis killed

Union Square   Union Square
Green Dragon signs the declaration of Independence   A distraught father mourns his son

Union Square   Union Square
Vets for Peace mourn those vets who died   Iraqi civilian casualties

Union Square   Union Square
US military casualties   Spend money for schools, not for war

Union Square   Union Square
More wars, more vets for peace   Falun Gong illustrate Chinese torture

Union Square   Union Square
Neither Bush   Nor Kerry

Opposing signs
Opposing signs battle it out

Mothers Opposed to Bush March on Friday

Mothers Opposed to Bush    Mothers Opposed to Bush

Pro-choice Protestors March on Saturday

Opposing signs

Pro-choice protestors cross the Brooklyn Bridge

Marty Markowitz   Counterprotest
Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz waves goodby as the marchers leave Brooklyn... be greeted by the pro-life counterprotest on the Manhattan side of the bridge

Gale Brewer   Rally on Broadway
New York City Councilwoman Gale Brewer...   ...addresses the rally on Broadway

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