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1980 Democratic Convention by Jo Freeman

III - The Convention

A middle aged woman speaks at a pidoum, it apears that she is saying somethign funny.  She wears a pin reading ERA yes. Rep. Barbara Mikulski was supposed to have nominated Sen. Edward Kennedy for President on Wednesday. After getting over her shock when he withdrew, she introduced him before he addressed the convention on Tuesday night. After he dropped out, she said she felt "like a bride who gets to the altar with a dashing bridegroom, and then he says, ‘Let's wait a few years’." She told the other Kennedy backers, "It's all right if you want to cry your eyes out."
A wide shot above the crowd reveals a sea of Kennedy signs
The convention was awash with Kennedy signs after his speech on "economic justice."
An expansive shot shows a small podium with a person behind it on a vast stage flanked by american flags.
Coretta Scott King seconded Jimmy Carter’s nomination.

A male deligate shows off his knit Jimmy Carter hat A child holds up a Carter-mondale sign, as does his father. A carter supporter lounges in a hat with a gigantic peanut on top.
Carter Supporters.

A male deligate wears a gold painted wooden donkey toy on his hat and it has a hello my name is sticker attatched to it. A female deligate wears a hat with a donkey pinata strapped to the top An elderly female deligate wears a construction hat with the words pro god pro family pro ERA on it.  She also wears a shirt with apicture of herself wearing the hat. in the background a woman wearing a hat with crabs on it sits next to a smiling woman holding an easter basket.
Lots of people wore fancy hats.
A person at the podium speacks to a chaotic and crowded audience.
People demonstrated in the aisles even while speakers were still orating.
reporters, radio personell, TV anchors, and cameramen crowd togeather to look at something.  They are all men, and mostly white.
The delegates may have been half female, but the press corp was still mostly male.
Kennedy and Carter stand next to each other and smile while nearby people clap.  The two politicians appear to be speaking with someone's daughter.
Senator Kennedy joined the Carter family on the podium to symbolize party unity.
The candidates and their wives wave, Carter holds up a peace sign.
The candidates and their wives bid farewell to the convention...
Policemen pose in front of a barracade with a man dressed as a patriotic donkey do some of those waiting outside.

The Women
The Protests
The Convention

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