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1980 Democratic Convention by Jo Freeman

II - The Protests

A People’s Convention met in the Bronx the weekend before the Democratic Convention.

Many people gather in a decorated empty urban lot.
Some 500 people from a variety of groups gathered in a field of rubble
for two days of workshops on social and political issues
condemned buildings have painted on signs.  one reads Broken Promises another reads Broken Treaties, a third building simply reads Decay.  A stage is beting set up in the foreground.
They covered the walls of burned out buildings
that once housed people with slogans and banners.
with the condemned high-rises and mountains of rubble in the backgorund, a young man stands in front of a huge sign in the foreground which reads US out of North America
A solution for urban decay?

On Sunday, they marched to where the Democrats would begin their convention on Monday to demand a "people’s platform."

marching protestors carry colorful signs reading people before profits and another reading this year there is no alternative

a large group carries a large sign reading Committee for

a diverse crowd carries signs about jobs, votes, immigration, and veterens

a wide shot of the marching protestors, many from the communist party, and others of varying subjects including an anti-draft sign
several protestors carry a sign reading self determiniation for palestine no u.s. aid to israel
a dense crowd of protestors carry various signs, one about uranium mining
a large sign appears over a crowd of protestors reading too many years of broken promises now we will be heard
a sign in the foreground reads Jesus saves from hell, in the background are many protestors, facing away form the sign and towards a large stage

The Women
The Protests
The Convention

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