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March on Wall Street buttonThe 2012 Democratic Convention by Jo Freeman

The Protests

There were multiple rallies and marches, by many different groups, on different days, at different places, promoting different ideas and protesting different policies.

A festive table has a schedule board of workshops and concerts

A protest festival was held on Saturday while posters and banners for Sunday's march were painted inside.

Many people hold a banner reading March on Wall Street South its time to build peoples power

Roughly a thousand people joined the main march on Sunday.

a smiling woman shoing the peace sign and wears a sportsbra with the sign no war no warming

About 300 participated in the rally before the march.
Several code pink women wave pink bras in the air

CodePink practiced throwing pink bras into the air during the rally before the March on Wall Street South. After the march passed the Bank of America, they returned to do this in front of the bank.

a smiling cop stands near her bike and wears head to tow protective gear

Cops suited up despite the high heat and humidity.
People carry protest signs in a parade       a man in a parade waves and pushes another man in a wheelchair who holds a sign reading America Wants to Work Good Jobs Now

Another 300 people came to the annual Labor Day march on Monday. Anarchists and Greenpeace marched both days, but few others did.
two code pink people stand in front of a sign reading Yes We Can End War

On Thursday CodePink dropped a banner from a parking structure just outside the security zone. One woman was arrested.
Two women in pink hold clipboards

Throughout the week Planned Parenthood was in the streets, collecting signatures on a "pledge."
a tour bus reads No Papers no Fear

Undocumented immigrants took a month-long bus trip from Arizona to Charlotte to highlight their plight and ask for a pathway to citizenship.
immigrants demonstrate on a sidewalk

Ten people were arrested when they blocked traffic on Tuesday, but were released without charges on Wednesday.
two men hold a sign reading Drones kill kids Stop drone warfare

Vets and others demonstrate against drones.
children prop up a graphic poster of an aborted fetus and another linking the DNC to the destruction of unborn children

Children pass out pro-life propaganda in front of the Charlotte Convention Center.
a repurposed school bus protests corprate personhood

Occupiers traveled from Tampa to Charlotte in a converted school bus.
a man stands in front of tents in a park setting near a pond

They camped out in a lovely city park just outside the security zone.
Protestors wave red flags reading 49%

From there they launched some small but noisy marches in city streets during convention week.
a tent compares the many occupiers arrested to the number of bankers arrested: zero

And returned to keep score on who is paying for the economic downturn.

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