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The 2012 Democratic Convention by Jo Freeman

Democratic Convention 2012 political buttonDemocratic Convention 2012 LogoThe Democrats held their 46th national nominating convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, on September 4-6. They planned for a three-day convention, reflecting everyone’s expectation that the President and Vice President would once again be the Democratic Party’s nominees. In place of meeting to accept the reports of the convention committees, Monday was to be a day for delegates to have fun, though exactly what kind of fun kept changing. It was finally combined with CarolinaFest, a very large street fair held outside the security zone in Charlotte.

The Delegates
The Caucuses
The Women
The Protests

DNC 2012 convention arena

Over the weekend, construction crews transformed a sports arena into a convention floor.

a crowded arena

When the convention was in session, it bustled with activity.

the exterior of the building

Labor unions did not provide their usual support to the Democratic
convention because it was held in an anti-union state.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka still addressed the convention, albeit early in the evening when not a lot of people were tuned in. The Presidents of the United Auto Workers and the Service Employees International Union also addressed the convention.
an overhead view of the DNC arena

Press photographers were hidden
from the audience by a low curtain.

a line of umbrellas lie on the sidewalk

Umbrellas taken away from those entering the security zone were spread out on the ground to be claimed by those departing. This created a vast umbrella exchange.


A lady wears an american flag outfit and glasses with donkey motifs
A man stands near an immigrant justice poster and holds a sign reading we love our president
Two ladies wear festive plush toys on baseball hats with political buttons pinned to them
A man wears a red white and blue outfit with platform keywords pinned to it
A man wearing a red trefoil hat displays a liscence plate on his back that reads OBAMA
a group from the UAW show their support for Obama
A woman wears a stars and stripes top hat and a shirt reading Tea Parties and their mangina friends are for little girls
A woman wears a dress made from an Obama pop art banner

Kelly Jacobs of Hernando, MS.

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