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The 1976 Republican Convention

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Sunday evening before the convention, the RWTF held a general meeting to report on its accomplishments. Of the 100 people in attendance only a few were Republican delegates. About half were NOW members or press.

RWTF reports

Audrey Colom, President of the NFRW,
Elizabeth Dalrymple, and Pat Goldman.

Many more people came to its "Salute to Republican Women," a fundraiser held the next evening.

Colonial Woman

Salute to Republican Women


Elly Peterson, deputy campaign manager of the Ford campaign, waits her turn to speak She had been chairman of the Michigan State Republican Party from 1965 to 1969 and co-chair of the Republican National Committee in 1969-70.

Ellie Peterson


Outside the Republican Convention

Workers’ choice


Feminists Protest


License Plate


Sodomites Unite



Inside the Republican Convention

Ford Rally

Ford Rally


Ford Signs


Ford delegate

Mary Louise Smith of Iowa was the first and only woman to chair the Republican National Committee. Appointed by Gerald Ford, she served only while he was President.

Mary Louise Smith


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