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Mondale-Ferraro for new leadershipThe 1984 Democratic Convention

When the 1984 Democratic Convention opened in San Francisco on July 16, the party ticket was already known. Walter Mondale of Minnesota, who had been Jimmy Carter's Vice President, had won the delegate race. On Thursday, July 12 he announced his choice of Geraldine Ferraro as his running-mate. Mondale's willingness to make a bold decision was enhanced by the fact that he was running against popular incumbent Ronald Reagan. Candidates take risks when the odds of winning are low.

Although Mondale had been the frontrunner during primary season he had many challengers. Two came to the convention with significant delegate support. Posters for Colorado Senator Gary Hart and civil rights leader Jesse Jackson competed with those for Mondale throughout the week.

diverse signs for Mondale, Hart, and several prominent Jesse Jackson posters

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The Protests
Celebrating Women
The Women's Caucus
The Convention

Also read Jo Freeman's article "Search for a Radical Flank: The Women's Movement and the 1984 Democratic & Republican Conventions" and see photos from the 1984 Republican Convention.

The Protests

Sunday before the convention is protest day. The biggest marches are at the Democratic Convention even when a Republican is President. This year the groups which marched supported the Democrats while protesting Republican policies.

a parade float with the liberty bell and the GCIU union label a parade float for the garment workers, one person holds a sign reading Ferraro
San Francisco is a union town.
The AFL-CIO brought over 100,000 people to march down Market Street.

Lesbians and gays also marched on Sunday

lots of protesters for gay rights

Lesbian and gays demand their rights.

marshalls hold hands in a circle with their backs to fundamentalists

Marshals separate gays from heckling fundamentalists.

There were other marches and protests throughout convention week.

an old man holding a sign with Reagan on it and the words dont hate the man just his attitude a man holds a sign reading no vietnam war in central america a woman holds a sign reading boycott Campbells cream of exploitation soup
many people on strike protesting Macys

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