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We Will Be Heard:Women's Struggles for Political Power in the United States

by Jo Freeman

Table of Contents

Introductory text


1 - The Search for Political Woman

PART I - Practicing Politics

2 - The Iowa Origins of Organized Republican Women

3 - 'One Man, One Vote, One Woman, One Throat': Women in New York City Politics, 1890-1910

4 - The Rise of Political Woman in the Election of 1912

5 - All the Way for the ERA: Winning and Losing in Virginia

PART II - Breaking Barriers

6 - The Women Who Ran for President

7 - Ruth Bryan Owen: Florida's First Congresswoman

8 - Marion Martin of Maine: A Mother of Republican Women

9 - Gender Gaps in Presidential Elections

10 - "Feminism and Anti-Feminism in the Republican and Democratic Parties."

11 - "Gender Representation in the Democratic and Republican Parties."

PART III - Promoting Policy

12 - ‘Equality’ vs. ‘Protection’: Setting the Agenda After Suffrage

13 - How Sex Got Into Title VII: Persistent Opportunism as a Maker of Public Policy

14 - Congressional Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

15 - Comparable Worth


16 - The Long Road to Madame Speaker

We will be heard


"What a windfall of history and wisdom from the doyenne of the study of women and politics! Freeman's essays offer new information and rich insights into more than a century of history of women in party and electoral politics, policy formation, and gendered voting patterns." — Susan M. Hartmann, The Ohio State University

"Jo Freeman is the best of all possible political scientists: one commtiited to activism and truth at the same time. Anyone who reads We Will Be Heard is likely to get hooked on the drama of the Equal Rights Amendment in Congress, or the mystery of the missing-from-history fifty women who ran for President -- and become as fascinated with politics as a true democracy requires." Gloria Steinem

A compelling and authoritative analysis of women in the past century of American politics. This classic study is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of how women shaped American politics and how American politics shaped women's public activism from the 1890s to the present. Kathryn Kish Sklar, SUNY Binghamton




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